Matthew Schellhorn


EFFY EFTHYMIOU (b. 1980) and LITHA EFTHYMIOU (b. 1980)
Parting (2013–14)
multidisciplinary stage show | 1hr 20' | World Premiere 2014
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    Matthew Schellhorn was part of the team in the first performance of Litha and Effy Efthymiou's new multidisciplinary show Parting at Kings Place on 16th March 2014.

    The show, which received funding from Arts Council England, is the result of a collaboration with artists from the fields of theatre, film, dance, sound art and video projection, and clinical and research psychologist Dr. Vaughan Bell.

    Each ‘installation’ lifts the main character (be it a dancer, musician or actor) out of their everyday life and examines the very nature of their hallucination or delusion.
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    Parting is a new multidisciplinary stage show directed and composed by twin sisters Effy and Litha Efthymiou.

    New contemporary art music, dance, theatre and film come together to create five 'living-through' experiences of psychosis. Developed alongside a clinical psychologist and focused on the very essence of the psychotic experience (i.e. the hearing of the voice, the seeing of the object, having the false belief), Parting is a multi-sensory, abstract stage show that is a poetic look at what it feels like to live with psychosis.
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    16 March 2014
    King's Place, London, UK; with Susanna Fairbairn & Susan Parkes (sopranos), Sophie Lowen (dancer), Iain Gibbs (violin), Julie Groves (flute), Ian Harris & Michael Brown (actors), Meridian Brass (Cai Isfryn & Rob Willson (trumpets), Andy White (trombone), Jonathan Heeley (bass trombone)), Lunaire (Mackenzie Richards & Stelios Chatziiosifidis (violins), Julian Latham (viola), Steve Collisson (cello)); created by Sophie Lowen (choreography), Stanislava Buevich (film), Julie Groves (sound installation), Tom Brown (video projection), James Hogg (script/libretto), Effy & Litha Efthymiou (composition, creation, direction and production)
    World Premiere
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