Matthew Schellhorn


Chaconne (2007)
for solo piano | 5' | UK Premiere 2007
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    Matthew Schellhorn gave the UK Premiere of Siobhán Cleary's The Whitening during his recital at the Walled City Music Festival 2012.

    This lilting, delicate piece alludes to Baroque sensibilities.
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    Commissioned by the AXA Piano competition 2009, this chaconne uses the stately baroque model as its basis. The simplicity of the form appealed to me with its recurrent harmonic progression and continuous variation process which allows for a kaleidoscope of textures and dramatic intensity. The decorative filigree that weaves around the ground bass become more elaborate as the piece progresses, ending nonetheless, with a simple, less-adorned expression of the eight-bar theme.

    © 2007 Siobhán Cleary
  • PerformancesOpen or Close
    2 August 2012
    Walled City Music Festival, Derry, UK
    UK Premiere
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