Matthew Schellhorn appointed as charity Patron

Matthew Schellhorn has been appointed Patron of a charity that supports educational, artistic and heritage projects linked with South Yorkshire.

The Sand House Charity exists to advance the education of the public in history, art, sculpture and other related subjects having a link to the former Victorian Sand House of Doncaster. The Sand House was a prominent feature in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, from the 1850s until the Second World War. It was a mansion-sized dwelling carved from solid sandstone by Victorian businessman Henry Senior. As well as carving the house itself, which stood in a former quarry, Senior excavated into the adjacent ground and created a network of tunnels, decorated with fine and unusual carvings. Although the Sand House is no longer physically present, its tunnels survived for decades after the house was lost and they became an unofficial playground for local youngsters from the 1940s until the 1960s.

Speaking of his appointment, Doncaster-born Matthew Schellhorn said:

“I am utterly delighted to have been asked to support the work of The Sand House Charity as their Patron. I am intensely interested in the work of The Sand House Charity, connected as it is to my own family background, local and family research interests and my historical conservation enthusiasms. Doncaster is fortunate to have such an energetic charity, which surely emulates the vision of the original Sand House's builders and inhabitants. The structure itself was known by my ancestors and I remember my grandmother speaking about it, which fascinated me as a child. I hope that their work will go from strength to strength and continue to inspire generations to come.”

The Sand House Charity Chairman, Richard Bell, said:

“I was thrilled to receive such a positive response to The Sand House Charity’s invitation to Matthew Schellhorn. Following its registration as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with the Charity Commission in March 2017, the Trustees believe that we require someone to assist in raising the profile of our activities. It may be a weird concept to have a charity based on something that doesn’t exist but people become fascinated by the subject and it is a perfectly valid basis to hang educational projects on. Matthew's keen interest in the Sand House and the work that the charity does was brought into clear focus during the planning and delivery of his recent fundraising recital at Doncaster's Mansion House and it was very heart-warming to behold. We look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship.”

The Sand House Charity (No. 1171875) is registered with the Charity Commission (England & Wales). More information about their work can be found here:

Messiaen masterclasses in Cambridge

Tomorrow sees Matthew Schellhorn in Cambridge, performing Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux. An open discussion with Margaret Faultless and Jeremy Thurlow will be followed by masterclasses with the undergraduates.

Messiaen poster