Plainchant at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

Matthew Schellhorn has been invited to lecture on plainchant at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.


The talk, entitled "A History of Music: Gregorian Chant", is part of The Quarterdeck Series, a programme of extra-curricular evening talks that explore ideas and meaning through the arts and culture. Now in its second year, the series is designed to offer an encounter with interesting subjects presented by guest speakers. The talks often have a philosophical theme and the aim is to provoke thinking and expand knowledge horizons. At the same time the programme strives to energise the faculties of reason and logic, improve discernment and better equip participants to challenge some of the assumptions that the contemporary world liberally dispenses.

The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom provides higher education for personnel in the British Armed Forces, Civil Service, other government departments and service personnel from other nations. The Director General of the Defence Academy is Duncan Potts, a senior Royal Navy officer.

"A History of Music: Gregorian Chant" will take place on Tuesday 6th October 2015.