Matthew Schellhorn


Ian Wilson: Stations
Diatribe Records DIACD016
released April 2014

Matthew Schellhorn performs Ian Wilson's monumental solo piano masterpiece, Stations. Released on Diatribe Records, Ireland's leading label for new music, this is Matthew Schellhorn's first solo CD.

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    Book One
    The Stations of the Cross
    1. First Station 4.38
    1. Jesus is condemned to death
    2. Second Station 4.24
    2. Jesus carries his cross
    3. Third Station 7.22
    3. Jesus falls the first time
    Book Two
    4. Fourth Station 4.02
    4. Jesus meets his mother
    5. Fifth Station 6.54
    5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross
    6. Sixth Station 5.24
    6. Veronica offers Jesus her veil to wipe his brow
    7. Seventh Station 3.59
    7. Jesus falls the second time
    Book Three
    8. Eighth Station 3.32
    8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
    9. Ninth Station 4.24
    9. Jesus falls the third time
    10. Tenth Station 5.48
    10. Jesus is stripped of his clothes
    11. Eleventh Station 4.36
    11. Jesus is nailed to the cross
    Book Four
    12. Twelfth Station 4.39
    12. Jesus dies on the cross
    13. Thirteenth Station 5.29
    13. Jesus is taken down from the cross
    14. Fourteenth Station 7.30
    14. Jesus is buried in the tomb
    Total timing 72.41
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    MusicWeb International
    “Matthew Schellhorn's committed approach is aided by his unfailing technique to bring out the best of this extraordinary construction. His beautifully shaped performance is also well served by an excellent recording allowing for a natural piano sound that never sounds aggressive even in the more forceful moments. … Ian Wilson's Stations is a major addition to the piano repertoire of the twenty-first century.”
    Hubert Culot, MusicWeb International, March 2015

    Musical Opinion
    "Both Wilson's composition and Schellhorn's performance of it are remarkable. The painstaking precision taken over each set of pieces, from the melodiously discordant to the rebate of gentler phrases, is overwhelming. From the beginning the incredible difficulty and technical skill required to play this masterpiece are displayed by Schellhorn, yet with his proficient touch mastering Liszt-like leaps, it becomes clearly evident that he is the pianist to perform Stations."
    Harriet Tait, Musical Opinion, July–September 2014

    The Irish Times
    "The stations of Ian Wilson’s 72-minute solo piano work are the Stations of the Cross. While the music is not intended to be programmatic, it doesn’t eschew programmatic effects. Wilson has chosen to name his 14 movements simply as Stations 1–14, but the specific scene and emotional charge of each station were clearly in his mind and can be felt as well in parts of the work, although it remains altogether more contemplative than pictorial. The musical style is polyglot (occasional flavours from Feldman and Messiaen stand out without being disruptive), the manner often obsessive, the mood concentrated. Matthew Schellhorn plays with a control that matches the determination and focus of the work as a whole."
    Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, 14 March 2014

    BBC Music Magazine
    "Wilson builds his spare yet rigorous reflections on the Stations of the Cross towards dramatic climaxes. Matthew Schellhorn's crisp, committed performance avoids melodrama and sentimentality."
    Barry Witherden, BBC Music Magazine, May 2014
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    Recording made in the Curtis Auditorium,
    CIT Cork School of Music from 1st – 3rd June 2011

    Recording facilities kindly made available by the CIT Cork School of Music (Director, Dr Geoffrey Spratt)

    Executive producer, Nick Roth for Diatribe

    Producers, Ian Wilson and Matthew Schellhorn

    Sound engineer and editor, Stephen McCourt Piano technician, Chris Terroni

    With grateful thanks to Dr Geoffrey Spratt, Chris Terroni and the CIT School of Music, Cork

    Stations is published by Ricordi (London) Ltd

    Cover photo © Ties Mellema

    Matthew Schellhorn photo © Jan Thijs

    Ian Wilson photo © Steve Rogers

    Stations was written with the support of an Arts Council of Ireland Artist Bursary and the help of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust
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