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    Colin Riley: Shenanigans
    NMC Recordings NMC D241
    released 20 October 2017

    In this album of Colin Riley’s music, Matthew Schellhorn performs his second commission from the composer, As the Tender Twilight Covers, premiered at York Late Music and recorded here in 2016
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    01. Three Movements: I Purl 5'48"
    02. Three Movements: II Wane 6'34"
    03. Three Movements: III Bob 5'35"
    04. Lyric Pieces: I All My Failings Exposed 3'55"
    05. Lyric Pieces: II Right to the End of Our River 5'42"
    06. Lyric Pieces: III A Kind of Green 3'12"
    07. Lyric Pieces: IV Close the Door, Put Out the Light 4'06"
    08. Lyric Pieces: V Something In Our Minds Will Always Stay 3'05"
    09. Lyric Pieces: VI The Bluegirls Have All Gone Away 6'55"
    10. Shenanigans: I A Cool Carfuffle 2'29"
    11. Shenanigans: II Lazy Legs Lollop 2'45"
    12. Shenanigans: III Before and After 2'06"
    13. Shenanigans: IV Cockaloop 3'05"
    14. Shenanigans: V Curly Birds 1'41"
    15. Shenanigans: VI Swan Song 4'28"
    16. As the Tender Twilight Covers 9'08"
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    Tom Lessels (clarinet)
    Kate Halsall (piano)
    Genevieve Wilkins (percussion)
    Rebecca Hepplewhite (cello)
    Celine Saout (harp)
    Nicola Summerscales (alto flute)
    Samantha Wickramasinghe (violin)
    Jessica Beeston (viola)
    Matthew Schellhorn (piano)

    Colin Riley's work draws on a range of elements including improvisation, new technologies, song-writing and large-scale classical form. His work is impossible to categorize, embodying a genuine integration of stylistic approaches. As an established, but ever questioning figure within the contemporary music scene over the last 20 years he has cut an independent path through many layers of trends and styles. We are delighted to welcome Colin to the NMC catalogue with this album showcasing his chamber works, written between 2005 and 2015. Many of the tracks on this album are energetic and playful, with more than a hint of jazz. In Lyric Pieces Riley is influenced by his emotional links to songs (and their lyrics) by post punk, prog and rock bands that he listened to when he was a teenager.
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